Brain Supplements — 11 December 2012

Prevention is better than cure is a popular idiom and it applies to all ages to ensure a healthy life. Many physical effects as well as decline in cognitive brain functions are considered natural in aging. However, science has been turning new pages to provide solutions to every problem. If you want to live long and healthy life, many health and dietary supplements are available to decline aging effects or delay it. One of these supplements is Cognitex. It is developed by Life Extension Foundation. Here you will know about it.

Cognitex is a brain health supplement offering many brain essentials to improve its cognitive functions, nourishing brain and decline its aging. It is formulated according to the latest scientific developments. Its main ingredient uridine-5 monophosphate is an important brain nutrient. Other ingredients of Cognitex include Alpha-GPC, proprietary Neuro-protection complex blend, Vinpocetine, Phosphatidylserine, Leucoselect Phytosome, Vita Blue Wild Berry, Sensoril Ashwaganda. Cognitex supplement comes in two versions as a softgel containing Pregnenolone and a NeuroProtector Complex and another version offering NeuroProtector Complex.

The recommended dosage of Cognitex is three soft gels once in the morning with or without food. However, some may be advised to take two dosages. Overdose of Cognitex can be dangerous. Progenelone in this supplement may affect levels of hormones. Hence people having breast or prostate cancer or hormone sensitive diseases should avoid it. People having a history of seizures, or those taking anti-coagulant, platelet or bleeding disorder medications should avoid it. While consulting medical practitioner, it is essential to tell all health conditions and issues to avail benefits of the supplement and lessen its side effects.

Cognitex reviews show that its powerful antioxidants and brain nutrients help to enhance memory and attention span. It improves immune system. So, if you want to improve health, cognitive functions, you can try Cognitex and experience its effects.


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